cellos, chit chat and chiff chaffs

The lusty birdsong chirruping from flowering hedgerows and hawthorns in the gardens of Belle Serre is most beguiling. It’s that time of year again when the urge to venture outdoors with bow and cello and join in the chit chat with the chiff chaffs just grabs you, and I’m reminded of those wonderful early recordings by the BBC capturing the celebrated cellist Beatrice Harrison duetting with the nightingales in her garden. They took their time to get going, but once they got a lungful, those nightingales were irrepressible accompanists to the cellist’s eloquent rendition of ‘Danny Boy’.

Each summer, it’s quite a treat to hear and indeed it’s a sight to see all the Belle Serre cellists taking off into all corners of the woods and gardens to find a shady practice spot, down in the orchard, on the terrace, under the Atlas Cedars, down the wisteria walk…you really do have to be an early bird to nab your favourite space!

Practising in the garden

Come and join us for a week of all things cello, glorious chit chat and the chiff chaffs at Belle Serre this summer. Full details at www.cellosatbelleserre.com

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