Belle Serre Bulletin

With the summer courses fast approaching and if you’re wondering what’s in store for each of the three July weeks, here’s the first of a series of Belle Serre Bulletins giving you the lowdown on daily activities, events and who’s coming to tutor on the courses.

In addition to a jam-packed daily schedule of technique classes, cello clinics, cello ensembles, master classes and individual lessons, plus piano trios with the pros, we regularly invite other top musicians to come in for a day and work with us on something completely different. This year, our Introduction to Improvisation Day is taking place in Week 1; jazz and classical double bass supremo Bernard O’Neill certainly knows the ins and outs of cello playing – he is also a cellist himself and he gives a wonderful class on getting going as an improviser and learning to feel at ease without those dots on the page.


We hope to have our hugely popular Baroque Day during Week 2 and also in Week 3.

Pictures speak louder than words here: sheer pleasure at learning the art of continuo playing and baroque sonatas with Andrew Wilson-Dickson and discovering versatility with viols with viola da gamba expert Lucy Robinson. Roll on summer!







Reserve your place now for one of our exciting cello weeks at Belle Serre. Come on down!

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