So, here’s a challenge to the summer cellists of Belle Serre…..the gauntlet is down!

Throwing down the gauntlet? Well, with our twelve cellists at Belle Serre at Week 1 of the Cellos at Belle Serre summer courses, and if we can ‘twist the arms’ of our chamber music tutors, clarinettist Mark Lacey and pianist Camille Galinier to join us on the ribs or table, and perhaps even invite our chef Bob to play the ‘scroll’ or ‘spike’ part, we could have the makings of a challenge to all play on one cello à la Carrington Brown and friends. Bravo Rebecca and co, a brilliant performance!

Over to you, Bernard O’Neill – a possible idea for your introduction to improvising on the cello afternoon in Week 1…..?

And, in Week 2, us eleven cellists could join forces with violinist tutor Judith Choi Castro, pianist Andrew Wilson-Dickson, our two visiting gamba players and our two chefs Bob and Rob – that’s seventeen and counting…..what do you think, folks??

Catch the wonderful Rebecca Carrington and Colin Brown in one of their musical comedy cabaret shows live or on youtube for some sparkling entertainment. Have cello, have fizz and fun….

Talking of cello fizz and fun, the summer courses are nearly here, just a few weeks to go. I’m very much looking forward to welcoming old friends and new to Belle Serre, from Canada, France, the UK, Spain, Norway, Switzerland and Ireland for two weeks of intensive study, and intensive relaxation too! A très bientôt!

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